1954 - Friends Get Together

Judy Roughton (centre) at her 70th Birthday Party in June 2013 with six special friends from Plymouth High School.
From left to right: Jean Grant ( nee Upham), Carolyn Butcher ( nee French), Margaret Bishop ( nee Burrows), Judy Roughton ( nee Knowles), Cherry Wise ( nee Coombs), Ruth Bowden ( nee Porter), Jean Potter( nee Tait)

We are celebrating our 70th Birthdays this year and – believe it or not !- 2014 will be the 60th Anniversary of the year we started at Plymouth High School.

There are four House Captains from 1963 – 1964 in this photograph (maiden names)

• Jean Upham Anthony
• Judy Knowles Kendall
• Cherry Coombs Latimer
• Jean Tait Temple

There may have been some rivalry at the time, but there is certainly none now! We remember that the House system started during our time at PHS. Cherry Coombs became Head Girl in 1961 – 1962. She lives in San Francisco.