Staff Details

Teaching Staff
Surname Forename Title Post
Alford Lara Mrs Physical Education
Baines Edward Mr Head of Psychology, Computing 
Banks Fiona Mrs Head of PSHE/Citizenship, Religious Education
Boyle Zoe Miss Geography/Head of Year 9
Britz-Colwill David Mr Head of Science/Head of Biology
Brown Penny Mrs Food Technology
Bullocke Tamsin Ms SLT/Head of English
Carter Anna Mrs Modern Languages
Carter Victoria Mrs Mathematics
Crouch Claire Miss Head of Drama, English, Anti-bullying Co-ordinator
Curson Grapham Mr Mathematics
Doddrell Charlotte Dr Science, Biology
Eales-White Claire Ms Interim Deputy Headteacher
Findlay Lucinda Miss Law/English/History
Goodchild Peter Mr Mathematics
Goolden Emma Mrs Physical Education
Graves Leon Mr Head of Geography, International Co-ordinator, Educational Visits Co-ordinator
Hatfield Philippa Mrs Science
Hoyte Rebecca Mrs English
Hughes Lindsay Mrs  Modern Languages joint i/c German
Izzet Sian Mrs Psychology
Joynes Shellie Miss Science, Chemistry
Law Duncan Mr Second in Mathematics, Head of Years 9 and 10
Landeau Constantina Mrs German
Law Duncan Mr Second in Mathematics/Head of Years 10 and 11
Lawrence-Felton Chantelle Miss Physical Education
Lemin Rose Mrs Music
Lewin Catherine Mrs Science, i/c Biology
Luscombe Kelly Miss Head of Physical Education
Mallard Richard Mr Head of History, Politics & Law
Marcer Kristy Ms Music
McAuliffe Tanya Miss  Head of Religious Studies
Neve Peter Mr Extended Project, Timetabling, Options
Nutter Katherine Mrs Geography
Osborne Duncan Mr Second in English
Paviour Emma Ms Chemistry
Payne Samantha Mrs Joint Head of Sixth Form/Designated Safeguarding Lead/SENCO
Randell Jessica Mrs Mathematics
Richards Peter Mr Subject leader for Computing, Mathematics
Roper Caron Miss Art
Roughton Donna Miss  SLT/Head of Mathematics
Rutherford David Mr English
Staddon Helen Mrs Science, Chemistry, Biology
Stinton-Brownbridge Helen Mrs Religious Education
Thackray Matthew Mr   Science, Head of Physics
Tomalin Kate Miss History
Van Es Robert Mr Head of Year 13, Physics
Varrall Thomas Mr Head of Art, Computing
Walsh Heidi Mrs  Head of Languages
Watson Darren Mr Technology
Westaway Gemma Miss Technology (Textiles & Product Design), ICT
White Joe Mr Physics
Willis Shaun Mr Interim Headteacher, English & Child Protection
Non-Teaching Staff
Surname Forename Title Post
Alderson Jenny Mrs PA to Interim Headteacher & SLT
Brake Elena Miss  Art Technician
Burgoyne Mark Mr Cleaner
Cain Joanne Miss Cleaner
Chalmers Joanna Miss PA to Headteacher & SLT and Clerk to Governors
Cole Kelly Mrs Canteen
Comerford Matthew Mr Kitchen Supervisor
Cope Kevin Mr Groundsman, Driver
Earnshaw Helen Mrs SENCO/Medical Administrator/Frst Aid
Eyres Leanne Miss Cleaner
Flashman Emma Mrs Cleaner
Fry Jacqueline Mrs Attendance & Admin Officer
Ganea Anita Mrs Receptionist
Giffard Nikki Mrs Cover Supervisor
Hardwick Julie Mrs Examinations Officer
Harris Anna Miss Librarian
Harris Sarah Mrs Cleaner
Hart Anthony Mr Cleaner
Hart Dorothy Mrs Cleaner
Holdsworth Amanda Mrs Catering Assistant
Hore Elizabeth Mrs Cover Supervisor
Hunter Nicola Mrs Cleaner
Jackman Tammy Mrs Finance & Personnel Officer
Johns Julie Mrs Cover & Office Manager, CPD Co-ordinator
Kelly Jacqueline Ms Catering Assistant
Leppard Lisa Mrs Technician Technology (Textiles)
Longford Heather Mrs Careers Co-ordinator & Work Related Learning
Mills Karen Mrs Admin Support Post 16
Moisob Cletus Mr Network Manager
Moore Sarah Mrs Cover Supervisor
Pearce Jim Mr Cover Supervisor
Penfold Sarah Mrs Cover Supervisor
Renyard Paul Mr Business Manager
Rogers Kathryn Mrs GDPR Officer
Simister Patricia Mrs Learning Support Centre Lead, First Aid
Simister Robert Mr Site Supervisor
Smith Cameron Mr IT Apprentice
Stacey Natasha Miss Cleaner
Stimpson Brenda Mrs Meal Time Assistant
Straker Jacqueline Ms Head of Year 8/Assistant to Heads of Key Stage
Turnock Sara Mrs Meal Time Assistant
Warland Jeremy Mr Science Technician
Warland Yasmin Mrs Senior Science Technician
Wonnacott Julie Miss Catering Assistant