PHSG School Uniform
It is compulsory for all girls in Years 7-11 to wear correct, neat and tidy uniform in school and on the journey to and from school. We would like all our students and parents to appreciate the part that uniform plays in contributing to the ethos and reputation of the school.

Proserve now supply both the school uniform as well as PE uniform (order forms available from Student Services). Parents may use other suppliers as long as they ensure that the style and colour is an exact match. If in doubt, please check with school prior to buying uniform that may be incorrect. Parents need to order directly with the supplier and make cheques payable as instructed on the order forms. The school will distribute orders but will not be taking order forms or money.

All items of uniform must be clearly marked inside the garment with the student’s name.
  • Plain outdoor coat, not a hoodie or denim jacket
  • Plain navy straight skirt with a split (100% polyester)- knee length or longer and ‘PHSG’ in navy, heat pressed onto band of skirt
  • Plain navy tailored jacket with school badge on breast pocket and / or plain navy pullover with v neck and long sleeves with school badge. (A light weight plain navy pullover with v neck may be worn under the tailored jacket)
  • Plain navy apron for DT
  • White blouse with revere neck, long or short sleeved
  • Tights should be navy blue, black or beige. White or navy ankle socks may be worn if preferred
  • Flat shoes in plain black, navy or dark brown (not tan), a lace-up style is preferred. Trainers or trainer style shoes, canvas shoes or ankle boots are NOT permitted. Please ensure that shoes are in a style which will be safe on stone stairs. Please be aware that some manufacturers label such shoes as "school shoes", but if they look like trainers they are not part of PHSG school uniform
Optional Items: 
  • If trousers are to be worn it will be compulsory to wear the jacket.
  • Purse belt.
  • Navy blue fleece with school logo (may be worn in school or as outdoor coat).
  • Scarf and/or hat in school colours or plain navy, black or white. *
  • Navy or black gloves.
  • An overall or old shirt for Science and Art lessons.

The only acceptable jewellery is a watch and one plain stud in the lobe of each ear. No other forms of visible piercing are allowed and this includes having the tongue pierced. Watches, jewellery and other adornments must all be removed before the physical education lesson on health and safety grounds.

Make-up may be worn to cover blemishes but must be of a subtle nature. Nail varnish must not be worn. Nails must be worn at a length no longer than the tip of the finger on health and safety grounds

Hair must be a natural colour and cut in an acceptable style. Hair accessories, if worn, should be plain navy, black, brown, beige, blonde or white.

Headteacher may use her discretion as to what is acceptable.

Correct, neat and tidy uniform must be worn on the journey to and from school.

For Physical Education:
All kit should be clearly named inside Physical Education.

The items below are essential PE uniform. They may be ordered through Proserve. Proserve order forms are available from Student Services
  • Navy polo shirt and white trim embroidered with ‘Physical Education’ and the school badge
  • Navy shorts with white trim
  • Hockey socks, navy and white.
  • Navy track suit bottoms with white trim to match polo shirt and shorts or plain navy track suit bottoms (optional).

Other items required:
  • White ankle socks
  • Suitable sports trainers (not boot style)
  • Navy sweatshirt embroidered with ‘Physical Education’ and the school badge
  • Shin pads
  • Towel
  • Navy leggings (optional)
On colder days, students may wear the tracksuit trousers over their PE shorts at the start of the lesson at the teacher’s discretion. Students who are fit enough to attend school, but unable to participate fully in the PE lessons, are normally required to change as usual.

Hair must be tied back off the face and NO jewellery may be worn during PE. Students with newly-pierced ears must cover their ears with plasters, and have a note in the planner from a parent or guardian taking responsibility for any injury to their child and any other child in the immediate class. Please ensure that ears are pierced at the start of a holiday.