The performance team are currently working on decreasing the weight of the car and looking at how we can “tweak” things on the car to achieve a quicker car.

Blend of old lags and fresh faces… it all seemed to be going too smoothly…. Knew what we were doing … cunning plan in place (expected final position in top 30)…. Already before practice …and then….

Practice disaster. Too little speed too much energy used. Projected distance only 72.0miles (expected final position 75 – last). Lowest distance of the year. Need to try different gear. Unable to test. Mr T. loses his legendary (so he would like to think) cool.

Crisis Meeting. The Performance director, Director of Racing and teaboy meet in the infamous Battle Control – aka tent. Calm heads required, examined plans B –Z. Much number crunching looking at possible gearing and the implications for efficiency, speed and distance. Decision reached. Cunning plan of the most cunning nature drawn up. Hammers and spanners given instructions.
The Race. First minute fraught, fingernails time. Then telemetry reports back from the Race Engineers. Mr T holds breath. 5 mins in strange thing is witnessed in Battle Control. Performance director and teaboy seen smiling laughing and possibly even dancing! First whispers start being leaked. Say it softly but it looks like 90+ miles as 98% efficiency achieved. Possible top 25 finish. The tifozzi (is that the right spelling) can’t believe it –we’re running 45th. But no the performance ​team predict bar racing incidents this will happen. And so it does. Yet again as the race progresses the PT relax knowing that our job is done, except for the collecting of data every minute, talking the drivers through their race and plotting the all-important graphs. Don’t ask the performance director to describe the rival cars she never left Battle Control until the teaboy insisted she watched H. cross the line – just behind past-winner Dougal!

The Aftermath did we mention those graphs. Because of them when the race was analysed we could

prove we went further than was originally credited and after appeal we were upgraded from 35th (91.2 miles) to 23rd (93.6 miles).

Next year – ah but you have to join the team to be given this confidential information