Pupil Premium Report

Report on the use of our Pupil Premium money for the Academic Year 2017-2018
Pupil premium is received in our school budget for students falling into three categories: those students eligible for free school meals (FSM), those students who have previously claimed Free school Meals in the last six years (E6) and those students registered as belonging to a forces family. In both cases we have encouraged families to a) claim FSM and b) register if they are a forces family.
The additional money received per student is to be used to support them in their education and to ensure that they are not disadvantaged in any way.

Key Objectives
  •  To maximise the level of targeted support available for all students so that any barriers to learning are reduced.
  • To narrow and eradicate any gaps in the outcomes of Pupil premium and non-Pupil Premium students.
  • To support and improve the well-being of all students.

The pupil premium money is most effective if combined into one sum and used in a coherent and strategic way. In order to achieve best value we have followed OFSTED guidance (‘The Pupil Premium –How schools are spending the funding successfully to maximise achievement’) and used the ‘Teaching and Learning Toolkit’ from The Sutton Trust to examine which provisions and actions give best value for money.

While we have used a broad range of strategies we have concentrated on areas that a) give high impact for low cost, and b) will escalate improvement to the whole school not just those on pupil premium.

As such we have not generally spent individual sums (although there are many exceptions to this where access to learning is an issue) as they have in some schools, but have used the money to provide additional services which will give effective and broad support. The two main lines of additional provision are:
  • Provision of a dedicated ‘Student Support Base’ with access to Learning Mentors and Counsellors to help support students in need.
  • Provision of a ‘well-being’ curriculum – especially in Year 7 and Year 8 from 2017, in order to provide students with the skills needed to tackle adolescence and secondary school.
Financial statement:
  • The school budget had £157,780 allocated as the income from pupil premium for the financial year up to April 2017. It should be pointed out that the money is allocated retrospectively for FSM students who were in the school the previous academic year.
Report continues. Please download full Pupil Premium Report above.