Sixth Form Student Services

Welcome to the Sixth Form Student Services. Please use this page to keep up to date within the Sixth Form on notices, trips and news.
Sixth Form Administrators

Visit the Sixth Form Student Services to see Mrs Mills for any enquires or support about the Sixth Form including entitlement to the Access Bursary, student absence and attendance.
Signing in and out

Please use the signing in/out book (located just outside Sixth Form Student Services) every time you are leaving or returning to the school premises. This is important for attendance and Health and Safety reasons.

Please also help yourself to the various forms and information sheets from the drawers, including Leave of Absence forms.

Leave of Absence form is also available to download below:
Contact Information for Sixth Form Student Services

Mrs Mills (Mon > Fri 09:00 to 15:00)
Office phone - 01752 208308 ext. 223
Mobile - 07808768016