Student Printing

To support our continual initiative to minimise waste and reduce cost we have introduced a printing system called “Follow You”.

In principle, it means that all printing is accountable and any print can be actioned at any one of a number of printing stations.

All students have been allocated a printer credit which will be ‘reset’ at the start of each academic year. This has been set at a value which will fully support legitimate school work requiring printing to paper. Whilst the allowance is generous, students will be responsible for spend on their account with a cost per document and spend to date being displayed at each printing event.

Should an individual consume all credit prior to the annual reset, additional printing can be purchased in cash from the IT Department (in multiples of 50p)

By enabling student and staff accountability, we are expecting to moderate paper consumption, reduce printing consumable spend and improve our printing provision.

  • Cost per A4 B&W print 0.38p
  • Cost per A4 Colour print 3.91p
  • A3 counts as 2x A4
  • Double sided A4 print counts as 2x A4
  • Double sided A3 print counts as 4x A4